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  • It makes me think back to NFL 18 Coins LA’s Ruud Gullit, still the highest-paid coach in MLS history, whose response to the MLS expansion draft was to say the players should refuse the transfer. Planet Futbol Firing of Jason Kreis shows NYCFC has mind-set of a European club Over the history of MLS, the league’s most successful coaches and teams have been the ones who can identify players who can contribute despite making less than $100,000 a year.


    Vieira will need to rely on people who know the U.S. system, so you can expect there will be more pressure than ever on Claudio Reyna, NYCFC’s director of football. Ultimately, it would be good for MLS if a big-name coach came in from abroad and had some real success for once. You don’t want to be seen as an insular soccer culture, and you can argue that the sample size for big-name foreign coaches hasn’t been big enough to draw any real conclusions yet. Whatever happens with Vieira, his time in Gotham should be extremely compelling to follow.


    QUICK STATION BREAK Here are some things on my mind: • This interview of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger by Erik Bielderman for L’Equipe Sport & Style (translated in English on Arseblog) is the best interview I have read in a long time. So much that’s worthwhile here. It’s also worth noting that Wenger has a real concern for the use of PEDs in soccer, which is something that should get greater scrutiny in the sport.


    The new documentary Ronaldopremiered this week and is available on DVD starting Tuesday. The film follows Cristiano Ronaldo for much of 2014 and includes plenty of behind-the-scenes footage—his young son is a star in front of the camera. I’ve seen the movie and recommend it. Yes, it’s a positive portrayal, and you can’t help but smile sometimes when Ronaldo confirms some of the notions about him. He tells his agent, Jorge Mendes, that he is the Buy NFL 18 Coins Cristiano Ronaldo of agents.


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