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  • the Mack-led O-line executes it, helps  NBA Live Mobile Coins set the table for an awful lot. Pittsburgh Steelers Several facets of Pittsburgh’s O-line success were covered in the Packers’ and Falcons’ sections. The Steelers use a lot of zone-run looks, especially of the inside variety, to take advantage of Le’Veon Bell’s skill set. QB Ben Roethlisberger will be given several run-pass option plays per game,

    and he utilized the pop pass multiple times with TE Jesse James just last week. And the Steelers’ linemen have to be willing to dig in and hold their ground. Bell’s patience in the backfield earns him praise, deservedly, but he wouldn’t be able to take his sweet time if the big bodies up front were less effective. “It’s the line,” said Roethlisberger, after his team’s win at Kansas City

    last weekend. “Le’Veon is awesome, there’s no doubt about it, but we are only as good as the group up front. They do a lot of the dirty, grimy work. Against that pass rush, that defense, in a hostile and loud environment, you have to tip your cap to the guys up front.” It goes without saying that the Steelers prefer to push their linemen to the second level in front of Bell. They’re also

    fine if Bell winds up in a gap one-on-one vs. a linebacker. To wit: James served as an inline blocker there, giving  Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins the Steelers’ six up front against the Chiefs’ four. The double teams on Jarvis Jenkins (No. 94) and Rakeem Nunez-Roches (99) afforded the Steelers an edge at the point of attack, but it also set them up to release linemen into the Chiefs’ linebacking corps. On that above shot, one can already see left guard Ramon Foster kicking off his initial double-team block onto linebacker Ramik